Home Remedy For Hair Loss- Some Natural Solutions

by Brent Ruyle on January 31, 2011

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Looking for a home remedy for hair loss? A wide variety of treatments exist, including herbs, essential oils and vitamins and minerals. When selecting a home remedy for hair loss, remember that it’s just a part of the picture and needs to be integrated into your total plan for battling hair loss.

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Herbs have a long historical record of their effects and applications. The best-known herbal home remedy for hair loss is saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is a natural DHT blocker. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a male hormone that attacks hair follicles that are genetically susceptible. Eventually the follicle stops producing hair. Saw palmetto blocks the action of DHT, protecting the follicle and saving the hair. This herb can be taken as a dietary supplement or used topically in a shampoo, conditioner or serum. Other herbs that may be beneficial are horsetail, juniper berries, white willow bark, rosemary leaves, burdock root and mullein leaves.

Enzymes also play a role in baldness or thinning hair. An enzyme named 5-alpha reductase is needed by the body to produce DHT. If the activity of this enzyme is inhibited, less or no DHT is produced, fewer follicles are attacked and more hair is preserved. Along with green tea, stinging nettle is a powerful herbal home remedy that blocks 5-alpha reductase activity. The catechins in green tea are strong antioxidants that benefit the entire body. Green tea can be drunk as a beverage or taken as a dietary supplement. Stinging nettle, when combined with saw palmetto or green tea, can be an especially potent dietary supplement that inhibits 5-alpha reductase.

Another home remedy for hair loss involves vitamins and minerals. The B-complex vitamins figure prominently here, along with vitamins A and D. Look for supplements with choline and biotin. Iodine may be beneficial, as well as iron, magnesium, manganese, silica, sulfur, and zinc. There are many specialized vitamin formulations made for the hair.

Essential oils are often overlooked when considering a home remedy for hair loss. Essential oils are highly concentrated and very economical to use; only a few drops are required. If you want to try a shampoo designed to improve hair growth and scalp condition, try this formula: to 100 ml of baby shampoo add 15 drops jojoba oil, 8 drops carrot oil, 7 drops rosemary oil, 7 drops lavender oil and 2 drops tea tree oil. For a stimulating lotion for the scalp, combine 10 ml vodka, 30 ml distilled water, 5 drops rosemary oil, 5 drops chamomile oil, and 5 drops lavender oil. Also try this weekly 30-minute treatment: 40 drops jojoba oil, 8 drops evening primrose oil,
2 drops geranium oil and 2 drops palma rosa.

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